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Touch and Launch 1.2

Extends touchpad functionality providing application launching features
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This utility is for the touchpad for TOSHIBA laptops. You just have to click in one of the corners of the touchpad for seconds and the application launching features will show up.
Each corner has its own function:
Left - up corner: it opens My PC and all its components.
Left - down corner: it shows the favorites of Internet Explorer.
Right - up corner: You can switch between opened windows.
Right - down: It shows the shortcuts from the desktop.

Clicking whichever corner you will have access to the Settings. Here you can choose a different assignment for each corner, button for Touch Pad settings or window settings.
In the Touch Pad Settings you can configure the size of the corner area by dragging each corner dial (you have the option for the same size for each corner), you can change the time delay to show the windows after touching a corner.
In the Window settings you can configure the window size and transparency of the Touch and Launch window.
If you wish you can create a new table where you can add folders or customize a table with files, folders or key entries.

Roberto Jimenez
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  • Eneables rapid access to switch windows and open programs


  • Available only for Toshiba laptops
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